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If you are interested in more information about Conscious Connected Breathwork and other breath related healing practices and their powerful  benefits, the following resources are highly recommended:


The official 
website of the Transformational Breathing Foundation.  It offers a wide range of valuable information and resources, including:  books, CDs for breathwork journeys, a DVD on breath analysis, a listing of certified facilitators, answers to frequently asked questions, testimonials, and information on the underlying science of breathwork. is the website highlighting the offerings of Stanislav Grof and his Holotropic Breathwork. is the website of Jim Morningstar, another pioneer in the use of the breath for deep healing and transformation.


David Thorpe, "Transformational Breathing: A New Process for Health & Wellbeing," Positive Health (Issue 56, September 2000).

The Crazy Wisdom Journal Community Journal " The Spark That Started Blue Turtle Nature Program" (Issue 52) 

Frank Levey and George San Facon "Music for Breathwork Journeys"


Judith Kravitz, Breathing Deeply, Laugh Loudly (Center Sandwich: Free Breath Press, 2002).  May be ordered online at or via phone at 1-877/41-BREATH or 603/284-9291.  By the co-founder of Transformational Breathing.  

Michael Skye, Breathing: Expanding Your Power & Energy (Santa Fe: Bear & Company, 1990).  An excellent primer and hands-on guide to connected breathing by an early pioneer in the field.  

Joy Manne', Conscious Breathing-How Shamanic Breathwork Can Transform Your Life (North 
 Atlantic Books, 2004)

Gay Hendricks, Conscious Breathing, Breathwork for Health, Stress Release, and Personal Mastery (Bantam Books, 1995)

Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds, The Power of Harmonics (Healing Arts Press, 2002)

Jack Angelo Self Healing With Breathwork (Healing Arts Press,2010)

Stanislav Grof The Holotropic Mind (HarperOne, 1992)

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