Why is conscious breathing important?

The average person breathes about 20,000 times each day so even a slight improvement can bring about dramatic results. This process provides life giving oxygenation and life enhancing detoxification as we relearn an open and natural breath. In addition, mental and emotional states are greatly affected as we remove the many restrictions that exist on our breathing patterns, especially those brought about by birth and early childhood trauma and other difficulties. We can change our bio-chemistry, mood, and outlook on life by changing the depth, rhythm, and rate of our breathing. Unless we are breathing properly and fully, we can not experience optimal health and well being. How we breathe is typically taken for granted so, when we bring attention to this process, our lives can be deeply transformed.

What is an Awakened Breath session like?

Each breathing session is a unique self healing and life enhancing experience, deeply personal for each individual. For approximately one hour, accompanied by music, you will 1) lie down in a comfortable and relaxed position 2) be gently guided to support you in engaging in a deep, connected breath (continuous breath with no pauses) and 3) focus your awareness on the sensations and energy patterns in your body. In addition, throughout the session you are taught how to open restricted breathing patterns through sound, movement, and touch. Through this process of fully utilizing your respiratory system, people typically experience a profound sense of well being, joy, and a stronger connection to Source or Higher Wisdom.

How are repressed emotions and physical/emotional traumas resolved through breathwork?

Most people restrict their breathing to avoid experiencing unpleasant feelings and emotions. This begins at an early age, often at birth, and becomes an unconscious life pattern for us. As we grow and mature, we unknowingly create and carry a growing reservoir of repressed and suppressed feelings and experience. This can result in chronic tension within the body and mind, draining our vitality and energy. It can also affect our behavior in limiting and self-sabotaging ways.
Conscious connected breathwork allows us to integrate the wounded aspects of self into a functioning whole. It does so by raising lower vibrational patterns (such as repressed emotions) to a higher vibrational energy. Through this process trauma is cleared from our being, without the need for conscious processing of each accumulated hurt. Old patterns are thereby restructured through the breath, allowing our true nature to reveal itself. We are then free to move beyond our previous limitations and lead a more joyful and healthy life.


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